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The maritime sector, which Atatürk showed as a great ideal, is gradually increasing its importance in our country and in the world. With this awareness, our association continues its activities to unite Turkish maritime students and bring them to this country.


To ensure the activation and development of activities among maritime students and to support individuals and organizations working on this subject. Also to inform and assist civil society on maritime issues.

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Our journey


by Istanbul University students in 1999

After the 1st National Mermaid Congress held in Turkey,

TUDÖB (National Maritime Students) is the largest student union.

Union of Türkiye) was established. TUDÖB, maritime in Turkey

maritime issues in Türkiye and TRNC, which will shape the future

It is an organization in which students of educational institutions are members.


2nd National Mermaid Congress, Dokuz Eylül University Marine

By students of the School of Business Administration and Management

edited. The congress held in Izmir lasted two days. This

During the process, participants were invited from 6 cities and 12 educational institutions.

Approximately 150 students discussed maritime problems and found solutions.

They tried to find it.

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